Local Online – Content

Aim: To create extra resources for faculty to use when they create their online education courses. This will include a repository of video and other material hosted by ICETE Online. Key colleges will be invited to contribute to this repository, with the aim of producing 1,000 new video resources and extra material. All resources will […]

Local Online – Competence

Aim: To develop pedagogy training courses for faculty to learn excellent online teaching methods. In partnership with ICETE Academy, new courses are being developed and regional workshops will be run. Bible college faculty from around the world will be able to access training that is sensitive to their context. The content will be translated into […]

Local Online – Capacity

Aim: To build on the IT capacity of our partner Bible colleges, allowing them to upgrade equipment and make online education programs possible. New enhancements will enable colleges to link with students enrolled in distance education programs with greater ease and accessibility. Local Leaders assists the colleges to upgrade IT, cameras, online books and journals […]