About Us

About Us

Local Leaders International began in April 1987, under the name of Overseas Council Australia. We began as an incorporated association in Victoria based in Melbourne. Activities soon spread to Sydney followed by Brisbane which culminated in conversion to a company limited by guarantee in July 2003, headquartered in Sydney. Like many companies we divested ourselves of a head office in 2020 and now all our staff work remotely, coming together regularly in various places. OCA officially changed its name to Local Leaders International on 26th April 2022.

Today, Australian Christians contribute generously through Local Leaders International to train emerging church leaders in over 30 countries throughout Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Local Leaders staff and Board work together to determine the priorities for each year. Our aim is to match the interests of Australian donors and the need of our partner Bible colleges. We do this by educating and encouraging Australian Christians to understand the mission scene in the 21st Century. Local Leaders does not ‘pool’ funds which are donated, but rather each donor contributes to a specific person or project as they choose. Over 200 students, 50 faculty and 30 projects are being supported at any one time so there are many different opportunities to link your interests with the need.

Approximately 300 leading Bible colleges receive support through the Overseas Council Network. The combined student body is approximately 30,000 Christian leaders. We see the building up of these Bible colleges as a vital contribution to the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.


Our mission is to help the growing church in the Majority World to have the leaders, pastors and church planters that it needs. By partnering with leading Bible colleges we can contribute directly to the health and mission of the local church.


The Local Leaders team works diligently to serve our partner Bible colleges around the world. We are passionate about connecting Australian Christians to the mission of training competent leaders for the global church. Find out more about us.


Local Leaders International Expenditure January – December 2023
Diagram below shows 12 month figures.

Local Leaders International Financial Comments January – December 2023

In the calendar year 2023 we raised $3.55 mil and credited our international partners with $2.66 mil. This was made up of funds sent overseas for 230 student sponsorships, 47 faculty study grants, and numerous grants towards campus and educational infrastructure. We also secured $1.6 mil towards Local Online: A Global Strategy, which has enabled hundreds of Bible colleges to invest in IT infrastructure and training for their faculty.

Local Leaders expresses its gratitude to our many supporters who have contributed to our ministry.

See our full audited report HERE.


Legal Entities

Local Leaders International – ABN 68 092 388 746 effective from 02 May 2000.
The Australian Taxation Office has endorsed the business as an income tax exempt charitable entity (Section 50-5 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 Item 1.1 Charitable institution) from 01 July 2000.

Local Leaders International is a public company. It is limited by guarantee with ACN 092 388 746 commencing registration from 29 July 2003.

The Local Leaders International Fund – ABN 52 284 100 215. Item 2 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Ast 1997.
Local Leaders International is the trustee of the Local Leaders International Fund, which is constituted as a Public Ancillary Fund in full compliance with Australian legislation and guidelines. It maintains separate accounting and bank accounts, and provides tax deductible receipts to donors. Donated funds are given to an Item 1 charitable organisation for remitting overseas according to Local Leaders’ direction.

Ancillary Fund Partners

Local Leaders International works with the following Australian partner organisations who have Item 1 Charitable organisation status:

Eastern College Australia operates the MA in Transformational Leadership for NGO leaders.
World Relief Australia remits funds for projects we support which are operated by our partner Bible colleges involving training of students in delivery of emergency care.
Australian College of Theology and its affiliate partner to provide numerous study opportunities to various scholars who remain in their home country.

Registration and Membership


Local Leaders International is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission ABN 68 092 388 746. As such, Local Leaders adheres to the legal requirements and guidelines of the Australian government in regards to charities and not-for-profit organisations. Please view our registration on the Charity Register.

Missions Interlink Member

Local Leaders International is a member of Missions Interlink. This peak body of churches, ministries and missions is affiliated with the Australian Evangelical Alliance.


Local Leaders International is a partner organisation of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE), established by the World Evangelical Alliance.


Local Leaders International is accredited by the CMA Standards Council. The accreditation demonstrates that the organisation has been carefully assessed against the Nine Principles of Ministry Accountability, and has scored a 100% passing grade. When donors see the CMA Standards Council ‘Accreditation’ Seal, they can give confidently and generously, knowing that the organisation takes governance, accountability and stewardship seriously.

Local Leaders International is authorised to fundraise in New South Wales (Authority CFN/20492), Victoria (Registration No. FR0015686), Queensland (Registration No. CH3394), South Australia (License No. CCP3458) and Tasmania (Approval No. C/10581).

Local Leaders International is not required to hold an authority to fundraise in Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory or the Northern Territory.